Incidents of violence between youths is not unusual at schools and most often teachers can tackle the problem themselves. However, when such incidents involve weapons, such as knives and guns, or when they happen between more than two individuals the risk is too high for anyone other than trained security guards to try and solve the problem. Furthermore, in areas with high gang activity, or when the religion or ethnicity of students raise concerns, as is the case with Jewish schools in England, the presence of security guards is essential.

Qualifications of Security Guards

In the United States schools turn to private security firms, such as Briggs International, in order to employ qualified guards. We hire security guards according to their skills acquired at training courses, or from prior experience in law enforcement, as a police officer for example. A background check is also done, before adding a new member to our workforce. Furthermore, all security guards must be state-licensed, while armed guards need a gun license in addition to completing firearms training courses.

Duties of Guards

BSI security guards can deal with threats such as physical intrusion of outsiders, passing dangerous materials within the school’s premises and assisting in crowd control, at school sports events, for example. In addition, our guards regularly test the school’s security infrastructure, such as the metal detectors, cameras, fire extinguishers, door locks, as well as the schoolyard’s fence. However, they are unable — and not responsible — to tackle cases such as organized attacks by groups or fire and other natural phenomena. They can only utilize a crisis management plan and seek help from the police and/or the fire service.

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Cooperation with School Employees and Students

According to research conducted by the U.S. Secret Service and the Department of Education, threat assessment in schools must be a collaborative action, which includes teachers, students, parents and security personnel. Teachers and parents must be open to children, and ready to listen to their concerns. Students must learn how to collaborate when they detect something suspicious and potentially dangerous.Security guards must implement this knowledge to have a picture of the threats. In addition, security guards must create an environment of safety, and also respect for the students’ integrity.

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